Iron Kite Services

Below are some of the security and training services we offer

Practical Applications of Cyber Security (PACS) Course

To kick off 2016 we’re offering three versions of the PACS course for up to 40% off last year’s prices. We feel like this is a great way to thank everyone for their business over the last 4 years and to help your personnel get more of the training they need. Schedule your courses soon. Also, let your contracting people know the course is on GSA Advantage if that makes it easier for them.

Our New Practical Information & Electronic Communication Efficiency (PIECE) Course

Do you have multiple email addresses, multiple computers and other devices? Is your data saved on the cloud and scattered on your devices but you wish it was all securely synced? Do you need to securely share data with others in real time? Is your inbox full of messages you don’t care about? This new course will give you the tools and strategies needed to gain control of your data and securely streamline your workflows to give you the one thing we all need more of…TIME

Our New Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Technical Surveillance (COTS-TS) Course

The new COT-TS Course has been designed to give students the knowledge they need to make surveillance devices from commonly available consumer electronic equipment. In this 5-day course students will learn how to make devices to covertly record audio, video and locational data with triggering and power management integrated into the projects.

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